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My blog, Write Now is about embracing the present and sharing moments of spiritual enlightenment, with the hopes my experiences will create connections, and inspire others. My reflections often mention my sister, Stephanie – as she was one of my most significant influences in my life. The loss of my sister has continued to impact and shape my life just as much as my love for her.

I spent many years trying to find my voice after Stephanie’s tragic death. This blog is my way of telling my seventeen year old self  – “There is peace after loss.”

Writing is like speaking to Stephanie. Sometimes I feel as though she reaches me through my own words and I am filled with hope and inspiration. In the short time we had together, Stephanie taught me to live life to its fullest. I hope my writing will do the same for others.

About Me – My first and most important title in life is Mom.  I love spending time with my daughters and husband, traveling, visiting coffee shops, and going for long walks. As a family, we enjoy the performing arts and attend live productions as often as possible. I am passionate about supporting animal rescues, which lead me to fostering puppies and eventually adopting this handsome mutt. 2

I primarily work as the booking agent and business manager for my husband, Jim who is a musician, author and speaker. I also work in a library where I continue to be inspired by people and their stories. I am passionate about early literacy and I love being part of a culture that encourages families to read together.  In my spare time I like to share my thoughts and connect with others through writing.

I am grateful my life is surrounded my love, laughter, and music. Our family had the honor of being featured in the Johnson County Lifestyles Magazine in 2010. You can read the full article by downloading the link below.